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How to Hire the Best Wedding DJ Cheshire

Wedding DJ Cheshire

You dream of having the perfect wedding reception, which is why you’re putting emphasis on every single element. From booking the right venue to catering and finding an experienced DJ, you have to make sure that all features of the party correspond to your requirements.

Finding a reputable wedding DJ Cheshire is all about spending time on research and acquainting yourself with different professionals. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to.

Word of mouth referrals, as well as online testimonials can help you narrow the pool of potential DJs down to a few professionals in the field. Inquire about the experience that people had with the respective DJ.

Inquire about the type of music being played, whether the DJ adhered to all of their wishes and how easy the communication was. The manner in which the DJ charged for their services should be discussed, as well.

Discuss the Playlist
When meeting a wedding DJ Cheshire, you should discuss the playlist. This is the most important aspect of the collaboration and it will be determining for the mood and the ambiance throughout the reception.

If the DJ is going to be attending the ceremony itself, talk about the music that you’d like to have during this special moment. You should also talk about the pre-reception music, the entrance song, the first dance song and the cake cutting song. It’s also very important to talk about the music that you absolutely don’t want to have playing at your party.

One final thing you may want to discuss is whether musical requests will be accepted.

Experience and Equipment
A good DJ should have sufficient wedding reception experience. The more such parties they’ve attended, the more confident you’ll be in their knowledge of the wedding reception ins and outs.

Inquire about the equipment that the DJ uses. Chances are that the venue already has a good sound system in place. Still, the DJ you plan to hire should possess some specialized equipment of their own.

Music Library
Finally, you may have certain requests for your wedding reception music but can the DJ comply? Their music library will give you the answer.

Do they use CDs or another type of digital information carrier? Are they specialized in a certain type of music or can they offer a bit of diversity? Would it be possible for the DJ to retrieve songs quickly and effortlessly upon a request?

Don’t hesitate to ask all of these questions and anything else you may be concerned about. Remember �” this is your special day and there’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to making the magic happen. Interview a few professionals, compare their offers side by side and use this information to make the right selection.