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A Great Alternative To Diamonds

Moissanite Engagement Rings: A Great Alternative To Diamonds

moissanite-ringsIf you are planning to tie the knot, there are lots of things to do. While potential grooms used to purchase the engagement ring in advance of asking their intended bride, that is not always the case these days. By talking about the engagement and wedding rings before any are purchased, you and your beloved will both be satisfied with the choices made. For instance, you might opt to peruse the moissanite engagement rings presented by your favorite jeweler rather than looking at diamonds.

Attention is growing about the conditions of the workers in diamond mines and the practice in general. As such, eco-friendly men and women are seeking out attractive alternatives for their special jewelry. For quite a while, cubic zirconia stones were the main colorless stone that was available. However, the moissanite is beginning to give those stones a run for their money, so to speak.

The composition of the moissanite is unique, and was discovered long ago in a crater. Since then, scientists have been able to recreate the substance into the brilliant stones that are available today. In fact, it is named for the man who first discovered it in the late 1800’s, Henri Moissan. The particles he found that are now being replicated were comprised of silicon carbide.

Since they are created in a laboratory rather than by ripping up the earth to extract them, the pose a reduced environmental threat. If you are worried about how the choices you make today are going to impact the planet now and in the future, you will sleep more soundly with moissanite engagement rings on your list rather than diamonds.

In addition to being better for the globe and it’s citizens, the moissanite gems are more affordable. This means that you will be able to choose a larger stone for the centerpiece of your ring. The gem has incredible brilliance and will attract plenty of attention. The durability of these lab created stones is high, with a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. While diamond is higher with it’s score of 10, the rating for the moissanite marks it as one of the hardest substances known to mankind today.

If you want a beautiful durable ring that you can afford, then moissanite is the thing for you. These attractive gems are taking the world by storm due to their brilliance and strength.